Water & Woods™


We have just added a new brand to the line up, and we are so excited to introduce you to Water & Woods™ by Coastal Pet Products. Designed to embrace the feelings of love of the great outdoors, the Water and Woods ™ brand of outdoor inspired dog collars, leashes, toys and training tools are perfect for everyone who enjoys the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors.

Whether you love to take a peaceful walk with your dog or are actively training your dog for hunting and retrieving, the Water & Woods ™ products will inspire you and your dog to make it a great day of outdoorsy fun!


Product Information: 


Water & Woods™ collars and leashesA large variety of collar choices are available including: adjustable patterned, adjustable reflective, blaze adjustable patterned, double-ply patterned, double-ply reflective, and waterproof hound collar with center ring. Each is offered in several choices of patterns and/or in reflective orange. There are different offerings of leash styles including patterned leash, reflective leash, braided rope snap leash and braided rope slip leash. 

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Water & Woods™ fetch dog toysPerfect retriever dog toys for a day of go fetch. These Water&Woods™ brand dog toys are great for a fun filled day outdoors with your dog. If your dog loves active playtime, the Water and Woods™ retriever dog toys are a fantastic choice. The training dummies come in both a canvas and vinyl option. The winged retriever twist, flap and fold in the air mimicking a bird. Easy for you to throw and easy for them to bring back to you - again and again! They even float! Use these Water + Woods™ retriever toys for a fun day at the park, in the yard, at the beach or anywhere you and your dog enjoy active playtime outdoors.  

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Water & Woods™ Training Tools: Water & Woods™ is a wonderful outdoor-inspired dog accessory brand and also so much more!  The Water and Woods™ line features a full range of family dog training, retriever training and hunting dog training products too. Products include training leashes, retriever dummies, bird dog fowl foam trainers, whistles, bells, hunting dummies and training scent kits too.  

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water-and-woods-safety-products-at-doggygifts.jpgWater & Woods™ Safety Products: For outdoor adventures that require a little extra cautionary gear,  the Water and Woods™ reflective safety vest helps make your dog more visible day and night. When you and your adventure loving dog want to trek in wooded areas or other rough terrain, the Water&Woods™ chest protector helps keep your dog's sensitive tummy area safe from things like twigs, branches and rocks.

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Here is a fun new Water & Woods™ lifestyle video: