Water & Woods ™ Tethered-Head Mallard Foam Fowl Dog Trainer

  • Dog is retrieving Water and Woods ™ Tethered-Head Mallard Foam Fowl Dog Trainer
  • Water & Woods ™ Tethered-Head Mallard Foam Fowl Dog Trainer


Water&Woods™ | Celebrating The Love Of The Great Outdoors

Water&Woods™ Tethered-Head Mallard Foam Fowl Trainer | For Field and Hunting Training

Water and Woods Tethered-Head Mallard Foam Fowl Trainer features:

  • Quickly teach your dog how to handle game with this life-like Mallard trainer.
  • Range extender at the end of the Mallard allows you to get a farther, more accurate throw.
  • Constructed to float in water so you can train at the marsh, swamp or lake.
  • Designed to be durable and long-lasting through extensive training exercises.
  • Available in various sizes and fowl types (this product is the Mallard, available in three sizes small, medium and large) to best match your dog and training program.
  • Designed for fowl retriever training.

Available Size Options: Small, Medium, Large

The Water & Woods Tethered Head Foam Fowl Mallard Dog Trainers are perfect tools for training in the field. The lifelike feel and weight of the Water and Woods ™ tethered-head foam trainers will entice dogs to properly retrieve, carry and hold game birds. Open cell foam construction makes these trainers buoyant, tear resistant and extremely durable. For a more realistic training experience, use with Water and Woods training scents, which are also available. * link to Water & Woods Training Scents

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