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Turbo® Catnip Cyclone™ Cat Toy

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Turbo® Catnip Cyclone™ Cat Toy 

Stand Alone Toy That Also Fits Turbo Scratcher and The Star Chaser

Cut the mess of catnip with the Turbo® Catnip Cyclone™ Cat Toy! The Cyclone holds catnip neatly in its center and generates steady air currents to waft the scent of catnip throughout the air. The air currents help amplify the energizing effects of catnip for your cat. The cyclone center sits within a round racetrack, making it a great toy to get your cat moving and playing Use as a standalone toy or add it to the Turbo Scratcher to create a Catnip Hurricane. To use with the Turbo Scratcher, simply insert the Cyclone into the Scratcher or Star Chaser toys. Bring home the Cyclone for your cat today!

Turbo® Catnip Cyclone™ Cat Toy features:
Holds catnip neatly in its center to reduce mess.
Amplifies the energizing scent of catnip by generating air currents.
Encourages active play and exercise.
Provides engaging mental stimulation.
Can be paired with the Turbo Scratcher and Star Chaser cat toys.

This super fun toy is great when you want some energized playtime without the mess of catnip.  It's a stand alone toy.. and for even more added fun, the Catnip Cyclone toy can be placed in the Turbo Scratcher (item 70128) or Turbo Star Chaser (item 70130) toys.  Does your kitty like to play?

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