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Good & strong leash 
Product: Coastal Pet Nylon Dog Leash  
Posted By: Doggy Gifts Fan
This leash is well made and is perfect for jogging with my pup. 


Obsessed w/ the personalization
Product: Coastal Pet Plastic Buckle Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar Personalized  
Posted By: Doggy Gifts Fan
I love the quality of this collar & that you can personalize it with your pups name! So cute! 


My dog loves it!
Product: Rascals Fleec-e-Friends Dog Toy  
Posted By: Megan Harper
My dog likes to bring this toy and place it on our faces to wake us up in the morning. It’s one of his more soft, but still super durable plush toys! Great quality and very cute! 


She likes it 
Product: Rascals 2.5 Inch Latex Spiny Ball Dog Toy Blue Lagoon
Posted By: N/A
It was not the first toy she picked but she does like it.


Cute and strong stuffed toy
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Colossal Giraffe 15 inch
Posted By: Sandy
Good quality stuffed dog toy -- my dog has not yet opened the seams, which he usually does by now. I do wish it had a few more squeakers (in the feet).


Almost indestructible
Product: PetLou Dog Toy EZ Squeakers Chipmunk 16 inch 
Posted By: N/A
My dog usually has a toy torn apart in less than an hour trying to take out the squeaker. This toy is still going strong, a leg or ear may be gone, but it still squeaks and is her favorite toy!! Note: I'm writing about a toy that was purchased months ago. The toy I just bought is an additional toy because she loves it so much.


Love this
Product: PetLou Gorilla Lou Dog Toy 33 inch 
Posted By: Ashley g.
Just got this toy and right when I opened it my dog loved it right away!! The squeaker in it is also like a deeper squeaky sound so not as bad if your dog is a squeaker like mine!!


Perfect size and no mess
Product: Mutt Mitt Pick Up Bags - 200 Count Box
Posted By: Jenna
Very sturdy, these bags have never broken on me and I have a very large doberman. Well worth the purchase.


Large soft fun toy
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Fleece Jumbo Ball 10 inch
Posted By: Oliver
My dog loves the size of this ball, it is so much fun to play with and stick his nose in. And he hasn't destroyed it yet!


Such a perfect gift and toy! 
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Medium Plush Cupcake 7 Inch With Lines 
Posted By: N/A
We love this toy so much! It's so cute and lifelike and makes the perfect gift for a birthday or celebration.


Fun to chew
Product: Rascals Fetch Dog Toy Tri-Tug Toy 10.5 Inch
Posted By: Caroline
Our dog loves chewing on the softer rings and finds it easy to carry in his mouth! Great for tugging and great for them to carry with them during fetch.


Our dog loves this duck
Product: Rascals Fetch Dog Toy Duck 13 Inch
Posted By: Caroline
This duck has given our dog hours of fun. He loves to chew the "feet" and loves carrying it around in his mouth during fetch!


Dog loves this
Product: Rascals Fetch Dog Toy With Rope 11.5 Inch
Posted By: Caroline
This rope toy was fun for our dog to play with and he loved carrying it around and playing tug o war with it!


Hearty toy
Product: Rascals Fetch Dog Toy Alligator 12.5 Inch
Posted By: Caroline
This toy is "hearty" and my dog loves squeaking and chewing on it. Great to throw and he loves to retrieve it.


This harness is great!!
Product: Coastal Pet Ribbon Designer Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness
Posted By: Melissa Whipple
It’s durable and I absolutely love the material! It adjusts easy and it’s a perfect fit for my lab pup!


Customer Service is #1 at Doggygifts.com
Product: Coastal Pet Soy Dog Leash
Posted By: Sue Ann Reynolds
I recently placed an order for my favorite leash through Doggygifts.com. At first, I was hesitant- I had never heard of the company. Moreover, I needed the product shipped very quickly as it was being hand carried to me in Europe by a traveling son. The customer service representatives at Doggygifts.com could not have been more conscientious or helpful. I received notifications throughout the process, in the form of personal emails. I will order from them again soon! Highly recommend!


Quality Harness
Product: Coastal Pet Pro Waterproof Dog Harness
Posted By: Caroline
This harness is bright and fun and my dog doesn't seem to mind wearing it at all! The harness is easy to put on and adjust and is water-proof so it does not smell or hold onto bacteria if we take our dog swimming. We are happy with this product!


Durable Leash
Product: Coastal Pet Pro Waterproof Dog Leash
Posted By: Caroline
This leash is durable and strong. We love that it is water-proof and that the color is bright and fun. The leash feels comfortable in the hand and has a strong connection on the collar. Very happy with this leash!


Love this collar
Product: Coastal Pet Pro Adjustable Waterproof Dog Collar
Posted By: Caroline
This collar is durable, easy to put on, and seems to be comfortable on my dog's neck! It doesn't snag and it is a great, water-proof collar. The colors are vibrant, as well!


Cutest dog toy
 Product: PetLou Dog Toy Medium Plush Watermelon 8 Inch
Posted By: N/A
Just in time for a summer gift, this toy is truly adorable! The colors are so bright and cheery and our dog loves carrying it around in his mouth.


Love this carrot
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Colossal Plush Carrot 29 inch
Posted By: N/A
This carrot is absolutely hysterical - it's HUGE! I love watching my dog walk around with it in his mouth and he really loves the feel of it. It's adorable and both my dog and I love it!


Very Cute Toy
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Medium Plush Strawberry 8 Inch
Posted By: N/A
I love the look and feel of this toy! It is very true to it's photo on the website and is bright and easy to spot. It makes for an adorable dog gift, but I wouldn't recommend for VERY aggressive chewers. It really is an adorable product and my dog loved the squeaker inside and that it was made of a super soft material.


Zoey loves it!
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Colossal Gorilla Lou 24 inch
Posted By: Brenda
My 15-pound little pug loves playing with her gorilla, shaking it and carrying it around the house. It is bigger than her


Just what I needed!
Product: Coastal Pet Adjustable Nylon Dog Collar Plastic Buckle Personalized
Posted By: N/A
Well made


Great leash
Product: Coastal Pet Pro Reflective Dog Leash
Posted By: Jocelyn
This is our third leash, mostly because our dog loves to chew/ hold it as he walks. But it’s held up great considering he’s 100lbs and chews on it. This one is part of whole new set.


Second collar-awesome
Product: Coastal Pet Pro Reflective Adjustable Dog Collar
Posted By: Jocelyn
Rye had grown out of his other set and it was time for a new collar, leash and harness. Sticking with what is comfy, quality and great colors.


Soft, durable, quality
Product: Coastal Pet Comfort Soft Wrap Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness
Posted By: JDurant
This is the second harness we have purchased. Our 100lb chic lab is excited for walks while wearing this and gives me security to handle him. He outgrew his other one.


German Shepherd
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Colossal Spider 15 inch
Posted By: Jessica
My GSD absolutely loves this spider. Although he is not a heavy chewer. He loves to hold it in his mouth and squeak it. He cuddles with it and uses it as a pillow A+ rating


Product: Dog Tag Art Mom Heart Tattoo Pet ID Tag
Posted By: DonnaE
Reminds me of a tattoo.
Really cute tag.


Product: Dog Tag Art Strawberry Shortcake Pet ID Tag
Posted By: DonnaE
Colors are nice and bright. Very cute :-)


Done really well :)
Product: Dog Tag Art Connecticut State Emblem Pet ID Tag
Posted By: DonnaE
Are you kidding me...........PERFECT EVERY TIME ;-)


Fun Toy
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Rip 4 Treats Ladybug 4 Inch
Posted By: Cristi
This is a great toy to use for training. I use it for training my dog in agility. The dogs love chasing the toy and getting rewarded with the food placed inside. I also like that a rope or bungee handle can be attached to the toy. My dog loves this toy.


Tag Silencer
Product: Dog Tag Silencer / One Protector Free With Each Tag Purchased
Posted By: Sherri Newman
This is a wonderful product. No more clanking with the metal, and is great for a dark dog that otherwise may not be seen at nighttime!

Do Not Feed MegaE
Product: Dog Tag Art Blue Megaesophagus Pet ID Tag
Posted By: Sherri Newman
Our 7 month old Doberman has mega esophagus. Although he is chipped with this information, that will do no good unless scanned. Trying to take every precaution if he is ever lost and found. Very nice tag!
Highly recommended to anyone who may have a special needs pet!


7 happy dogs later...
Product: PetLou Dog Toy Fleece Jumbo Bone 22 inch
Posted By: Happy Customer WOOF WOOF
I've now given this enormous fleece bone to 7 variously sized dogs (some more than 1) and they have been universally (apparently) ecstatic. I keep 2 bones in stock at all times... You never know when a new woof will be heard...


My favorite collar
Product: Circle T Leather by Coastal Pet Latigo Leather Round Dog Collar
Posted By: Teresa
My last dog had this collar and matching leash for many years so I had to get one for my new dog. Great quality, very durable, and doesn't affect the dog's hair. This is the only dog collar I will buy. Great service from Doggy Gifts.


Good Idea
Product: Dog Tag Collar Attachment Locking Carabiner
Posted By: Joan Windschitl
I recently purchased this item when my dog's tie out was accidentally attached to the split ring holding his tags. Needless to say that did not work too well. This item should be perfect !!! The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it kind of defeats it's purpose if you still have to use a split ring for small dog tags. For that reason I gave it 4 stars but If I could split my decision I would say 5 stars for large dog tags and get something different for little dog tags - something like a links-it.