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Holt® Control Dog Harness

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  • Coastal Pet Holt Control Harness
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  • Coastal Pet Holt Control Harness
  • Holt® Control Dog Harness (6033) helps teach your dog to walk nicely
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Enjoy Total Control Of Your Dog When You Go For A Walk...

Holt® Adjustable Control Dog Harness | Effective + humane form of control

Holt® by Coastal Pet Products Adjustable Control Dog Harness features:
Applies even pressure under the girth without pinching front legs.
Easily calms over-boisterous dogs.
Simplifies training.
Very effective, humane form of control.
Made of one piece construction with no pieces to replace
Helps train dogs not to pull or tug on their lead


Size Options: 
Small 8-14" Neck, 14-20" Girth
Medium 14-20" Neck, 20-28" Girth
Large 18-26" Neck, 26-36" Girth

The Coastal Pet Holt® adjustable control dog harness is designed to apply even pressure without pinching behind the dog's front legs and helps calm active dogs and teach them to walk nicely. Having a dog means having a walking buddy, someone to encourage us to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle - so we want our pups to learn quickly how to walk calmly and attentively.

The Holt adjustable dog control harness is perfect for adult dogs that never learned not to pull on their leashes. The over-the-head, step-in harness is engineered to apply even pressure under your dog’s girth without pinching between his legs. It takes only seconds with the Holt adjustable dog control harness to calm an overly boisterous dog, making walks more pleasant for everyone.

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