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Rusty's Pals With Some Holiday Previews

Autumn is here and that means cooler weather is on the horizon. In a quick blink it will be winter time and lots of fun, celebrations and holidays upon us. Since I'm a dog, when it comes to the holiday seasons ahead I am dreaming of (food of course and ) Toys, Toys and more Toys. So many choices! Lucky for me that Petlou has a huge assortment of Christmas plush dog toys that we offer at doggygifts.com and we have something fun for every dog! Plush toys for small dogs to colossal toys for big dogs!  We also have a huge selection of holiday dog tags including Thanksgiving, New Years + More. Start your collection now! Hi I'm Rusty, the doggygifts.com mascot here to share some of my favorite holiday products with you! The Dog Tag Art holiday dog tags provide peace of mind with my important identification information as well as lots of fun with the great colorful and festive designs.  Remember, free shipping on all orders too. No Minimum Order is Required! Whatever you desire, our team at doggygifts.com is happy to assist you in making the right selection for your favorite doggo. Let's Talk  Just tell them, Rusty sent ya! Happy Holidays ahead!  Get your holiday dog toys now - while seasonal supplies last!