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Dog Household, Outdoor & Travel


rusty-our-mascot.pngHi there from Rusty! I'm the doggygifts.com mascot here to help you navigate our online store.  Sometimes my favorite place is Home Sweet Home curled up in my favorite spot with just a little hint of sunbeam warming my fur.  Sometimes I'm a fun loving pup at the door, tail wagging, just waiting for my next new adventure with my humans. At doggygifts.com we have a plethora of fabulous products for home and away - out on the town, or experiencing new places. Us pups always want to eat and please remember to keep us hydrated with plenty of cool water too - and we just the dog bowls and travel dog bowls for your pals.  Me and my pals enjoy car rides and to help keep us safe and our car nice and clean, doggygifts has some pretty amazing Bergan Auto Products for you. For a beautiful and efficient way to carry your doggy supplies + stuff or even if you're a little one who loves a pet carrier, we have Bergan bags available with custom personalization too! Where ever you go - near or far, please remember to pick up after your furry friends - we have doggy pick up bags to make it easy too. Remember, free shipping on all orders too. No minimum order required.  Whatever you desire, our team at doggygifts.com is happy to assist you in making the right selection for your favorite doggo. Let's Talk - Just tell them, Rusty sent ya!  

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