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Coastal Pet Walk N' Train!® Dog Head Halter

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Where the head is led, the body will follow.

Coastal Pet Walk 'n Train!® Dog Head Halter = Make Your Dog Walking Experience A Positive One!

Coastal Pet Products Walk and Train® Dog Head Halter features:
Just fit, fasten and walk.
Conveniently labeled to use in three easy steps,
Eliminates pulling for enjoyable walks.
features a padded nose band for comfort
adjustable camlock for the perfect fit
allows the dog to pant and drink water
Easy instruction tabs.
Pressure and release action.
Safety strap for added security.


Size Options: 
Extra small (0): 10-13" neck size, 4-5" snout size
Small (1): 13-17" neck size, 4-6" snout size
Medium (2): 14-19" neck size, 5-7" snout size
Large (3): 15-20" neck size, 7-9" snout size
Extra Large (4): 17-24" neck size, 9-12" snout size
2 Extra Large (5): 22-30" neck size, 12-15" snout size


Walk 'n Train® Head Halter - teach your dog to walk politely!! The Coastal Pet Walk 'n Train® Head Halter is designed with pressure and release action that guides your dog's head and teach them to follow. This training product is designed similar to the concept of a horse head halter - help guide your pup to be a "good walker".

It’s perfect for adult dogs that need more control during walks. The unique design slips on like a collar, but includes a nose piece that applies pressure when your dog pulls. As soon as your dog stops pulling the pressure automatically releases. Dogs learn quickly not to pull.

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