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Coastal Pet New Earth® Soy Adjustable Dog Collar Personalized

  • Nessie personalized New Earth Soy Collar
  • Coastal Pet Soy Adjustable Dog Collar Personalized (14301E)
  • Nessie New Earth Soy Leash and personalized collar
  • Nessie New Earth Soy harness and personalized collar
  • Nessie says its a beautiful day with my New Earth Soy Personalized
  • Nessie New Earth Soy Set
  • Nessie wearing Coastal Pet New Earth Soy
  • Nessie Personalized harness with collar and leash
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A Natural Choice + Let's Get Personal - These Collars Come With Custom Embroidery!

Rusty Says.... I love the Coastal Pet New Earth dog collar, leash + harness series because I'm an earth-minded pup! (and so are my hoomans) I love how soft and comfortable they are - it feels so natural to wear New Earth Soy.  I added my name and phone number too!  Just to make sure I can find my way home LOL!

Coastal Pet New Earth® Soy Adjustable Dog Collar Personalized Features:
natural, soft + eco-friendly fabric
great for dogs with sensitive skin
anti-bacterial properties to control odors
strong + durable
made of natural soy fibers
soft cashmere-like feel
soy fibers are the by-product of food manufacturing

Size Options: 
6”-8” L x 3/8" W
8”-12” L x 5/8" W
12”-18” L x 3/4” W
18"-26" L x 1" W

Color Options: Cranberry CRN, Eggplant EGP, Forest FOR, Indigo IND, Pumpkin PMK, Rose ROS, Slate SLA, Black Onyx ONY, Mint MNT, Fuschia FSA 

Thread Color Options:  white, black, gold, red, blue, green, pink, orange, silver, purple

  • Please note, personalized items are not returnable. Thank you.
  • What is Soy fabric? Soy fabric is an eco-friendly fabric made from the hulls of Soy beans. Soy protein is liquefied and then extruded into long, thin filament fibers that are then cut and processed similar to many other natural fibers. The protein is taken from the waste of food production, rather than harvesting the Soy beans especially for this purpose, meaning that nothing is wasted.
  • Coastal Pet New Earth® Soy collars, leashes and harnesses are the go to series for naturalists. Made from a durable plant-based textile, soy fibers that are a natural by-product from food manufacturing, the soft comfortable material also has natural anti-bacterial properties and is great for dogs with sensitive skin. Your dog will love the Coastal Pet Personalized New Earth® Soy Adjustable Dog Collar - get yours today!
  • If you are looking for a soft natural collar for your pup, the eco friendly Coastal Pet New Earth Soy dog collar is a great choice. Now also available with embroidered personalization to add your dog's name and your phone number for added style and security.
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