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Latigo Leather Solid Brass Hardware


rusty-our-mascot.pngI'm your online pal, Rusty the mascot here to tell you about the stunning Circle T Latigo Leather Dog Collars and Leash with solid brass hardware. These Circle T by Coastal Pet collars and leash feature luxurious solid brass hardware that provides a polished, refined style. Circle T leather dog collars and leather dog leashes are handcrafted in Ohio - made in the USA. The beautiful handcrafted Latigo with solid brass collars and leash offer a touch of natural beauty for the well-dressed dog. The Latigo leather dog leash and collar will become more supple and comfortable with age while maintaining its rich natural coloring and beauty. Strong and extremely durable, Circle T Latigo leather leashes are perfect use in any weather. For dogs with long hair or sensitive skin round leather collars are perfect. If we can be of any assistance, click on  Let's Talk - Just tell them, Rusty sent ya!