Its Summmmmmmmer!

Its Summmmmmmmer!

Hi, Humans!

Rusty Here.

Rusty here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s summmmmer! With summer come some of my favorite things. I’ve talked to some of my fur-friends and we all agree swimming is extra fun when you’re a dog. Tell me what helps you keep cool more than us jumping in for a swim and then shaking all the water off to help cool our humans off, too!? Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite summertime dog products with you! We’ve got a lot in store for you right now, and they’re all approved by me – Rusty! I’ve got some pretty high standards, so you know they’re gonna be good.

First off, the Coastal Pet Products are some of my favorite practical items. Not only do they come in cool colors and patterns, but did I mention that some styles are waterproof!? If this is a great summer feature for you, check out the Coastal Pet Pro Waterproof dog collar, leash + harness selection or the Coastal Pet Waterproof dog collars (these are available with personalization too). It's surely more comfortable taking a nap in the sun with a nice dry harness on. The Coastal Pro Waterproof harnesses don’t absorb moisture and they keep the dirt and bacteria off. Not only do they make harnesses, but they have leashes and collars to match too.

I personally like mixing and matching the colors to add to my personal fur-style. It’s called fashion! They are the perfect accessories to take a comfy, cozy post-swim snooze. Wake me up when it’s time for dinner, though!


I Get Called A "Rascal" A Lot.

I get called a “rascal” a lot, but my favorite rascals are the Rascals Fetch toys by Coastal Pet Products! The best part of their summer-friendly toys? They are geared for lots of fun outdoor playtime. The hexagon and tug toys are my personal favorites because they FLOAT! I don’t know about you, but playing fetch is one of my favorite activities. Sometimes, us doggies just really like a game of water-fetch. It makes it even more fun when the toys our humans throw are floating toys so we can go get them even quicker and bring them back for another throw. The toys are also super easy to share with my friends (even though it’s sometimes hard to do) and what’s more fun than a dog party on the beach or in the pool!?


As if those two toys weren’t enough, I loooove the Rascals Mesh dog toys. These are also super water-friendly. My favorites are the flappers, because they’ve got long arms and legs that I get to tug on with my friends. Because they’re mesh, they dry quickly after a pool or beach trip, so I get to take them back inside to play with.


Thanks for reading my blog! You sure know how to make a dog feel good about himself! I only share toys and things that I absolutely love, and I also like sharing them knowing you get free shipping on all your orders. What could be better?

With love and belly rubs,

 - Rusty

19th Jul 2018 Doggy Gifts Team Member

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