How To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

How To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

How To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Rusty’s birthday is coming up, and he’s been dropping hints about how he wants to celebrate. From the food, to the gifts, to the invitees, Rusty’s looking forward to the doggy birthday bash of the year. He also wants you to know how you can make your dog’s next birthday celebration just as special.

Don’t Know Your Dog’s Birthday?

If you’re not sure when your dog was born, you can celebrate the day you brought him home. Many people call this your “Gotcha Day,” a celebration of the day your dog became yours. You can have a party on the anniversary of your Gotcha Day to commemorate each year of love, laughs and belly rubs.

Throw A Doggy Birthday Bash

Invite your dog’s best friends (and their owners!) over for a fun doggy party. Only invite dogs that your birthday pup has met before, and gets along with, so there’ll be little chance of a squabble. A fenced-in yard is perfect for a pack of pups to run and play together. Another good option is a group walk or dog park trip so the dogs can share a fun adventure.

Be sure to keep treats out of the playtime zone – even doggy BFFs can get into fights over treats. Toss a few toys in the mix for sharing, though for the most part, the dogs will have the most fun playing with each other. Set up plenty of water bowls for thirsty dogs to take breaks.

For even more fun, set up a few kiddy pools throughout your yard. A doggy pool party is great for hot summer birthdays, especially if many of your partygoers are retrievers or other water-loving dogs.

You can end your party by giving out prizes to your party guests, for example, Loudest Bark, Cutest Smile, Best Tricks. You can even make trophies or ribbons for the award winners. Be sure to take plenty of pictures!

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