Hello From Doggy Gifts LLC

Hello From Doggy Gifts LLC


Hello dog lovers across the USA, this is Andrea and Daniel from and together with our special mascot – the very cute Rusty – (who we cajoled into sitting for our logo with some of our tasty treats) we welcome you and your pooches to our newly designed website. This is our inaugural ‘dog’ blog and hope you will take some time out to interact with us so we can get to know our customers and their K9s, from Poodles to Great Danes, and from whimpers to woofs.

Since 2003 we have and will continue to pay attention to your individual pet needs while priding ourselves on what we believe are some of the greatest selections of quality doggy products in the universe and all chosen with your special four paws in mind. Please check back often as we are always adding fun new products to our inventory. Our slogan –‘Fetching Gifts For Your Furry Friends™’ – says it all… We are a professional and totally fun loving, lively and high-energy team, when it comes to our dogs, and we transfer these attributes to our business with a sense of humour and a profound affection for Man’s/Woman’s best friend.

Whatever your doggy needs, we carry many categories in various types, styles, sizes, flavors and colors and all at competitive pricing. We invite you to browse through dog apparel coats and sweaters; terrific toys, squeaker balls, colorful toys, chew toys & more; shampoos and health products; stunning feeding bowls and stands; also, a huge selection of leash, harness and collars that will put pride in your pet’s stride. Then, there’s our outdoor range to keep the neighborhood clean and for taking your pal on your travels and outings; proven training aids and delicious, healthy, yummy treats for your furry friend.

Who said dogs don’t smile? Rusty is positively grinning from ear to ear. We guess he knows he’s one of the lucky ones. Come, join us online with your furry mates and cater to their every woof whim at We look forward to hearing from you!

6th Aug 2014 Doggy Gifts Team

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