Great Product Perfect For Any Weather (Snow, Rain + Sunshine days too!)

Great Product Perfect For Any Weather (Snow, Rain + Sunshine days too!)

Hello, humans and furry friends!

Tucker here, Rusty’s pal! I wanted to share with you some of my new favorite products. This winter has brought more wet days than I’d like…BUT, as any good dog knows, you’ve got to make it work. 

Tucker wearing Coastal Pet Pro Waterproof Collar Leash and harness set

In the wet weather, I’ve been extremely thankful for my new Coastal Pet Pro Waterproof ensemble. I’ve got the collar, harness, and leash, and let me tell you – I think I look pretty dang cute in my matching lime green ensemble! Or so my human tells me over and over again, but I’ll take it! When it rained before I had this harness, it was super uncomfortable in my cloth harness. My human had to take off my old harness when it was wet and had to let my old leash dry. Not to mention that cloth leashes, collars, and harnesses get pretty stinky after a while.

These products truly are durable and easy to clean. They don’t absorb moisture, dirt, or bacteria, and it’s been such a great addition to my “wardrobe”!

They really are perfect for splashing around in the water, whether it is a lake or in the ocean. It makes me wish we lived a lot closer to the beach…sigh! They’re perfect for wet days, too. They also make blue, fuchsia, and purple, all of which I love!

One of my human’s favorite things about these products in particular is that they really are easy to wipe down if they get dirty. With excess mud on the ground, as well as dirt picked up on our walks, it’s great to not have to worry about bringing it into the house. I think the collar and harness are super comfortable, too. They don’t snag on my fur and they’re very easy to put on and take off.

My human wants me to tell you that she personally really likes the leash handle because of the material – it’s super easy to grab and doesn’t slip around in her hand. It feels heavy enough that she knows it’s trustworthy (I may be medium sized, but I seem WAY stronger than that when he pulls), however it’s not bulky.

Overall, my human and I give this ensemble two paws up! I love that it’s easy to wear, she loves that it’s easy to clean, and we both love that it allows me to continue to adventure and be outside no matter the weather!

Until next time,


12th Dec 2022 Tucker - One of Rusty's Pals

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