Wanna Have Fun?

Wanna Have Fun?

Fun Activities For You And Your Furry Friend 

Spending time with your dog is an excellent opportunity to create a strong bond with your best friend while the both of you relax and have fun. Here are some fun & creative activities that you can enjoy with your four-legged friend.

Play sports. Dogs can learn to play several sports. Join a flyball dog team. Flyball is a relay race where dogs race over four hurdles, catch a tennis ball, and then race back over the hurdles. Most dogs love this sport and you’ll also have a great time.

Take a dancing lesson. Yes, dogs can dance! Look for a local dog dancing lesson where both of you will learn some moves. Most of these lessons consist of a choreographed set of moves performed by dogs and their handlers. Show them what you’ve got!

Visit family and friends. Most dogs love to ride in the car. If you are going to visit friends or family, ask them if you can bring your dog. If they have dogs at home, your dog will have a play date while you spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

Go hiking. Many state parks allow dogs on trails. Go on and immerse yourself in nature while you get a nice workout. Your dog will love it and you’ll have a great time. Don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit, poop bags, and plenty of water for both of you.

Visit a dog park. Dog parks are places where dogs are allowed to roam free. This type of parks is becoming increasing popular in many cities. Most dog parks are securely fenced and have safety signs posted with park rules. You and your furry friend will be able to socialize and get a break of your routines.

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