Summertime Is Here

Summertime Is Here

What Are Your Fun In The Sun Favorites?

Fun In The Sun

Warm Days? Cool Nights? Beach Time Fun? Picnics? BBQ Get Togethers? Long Walks? Dog Beach? Dog Park? Backyard?

Share these great times with your furry pals - they love to join you whether at home or on-the-go! Its a great time to do a pet id check-up.  No one wants to ever even entertain the thought of mistakenly losing their little furry friend. If your dog would become separated from you is he or she well protected for an easy identification and notification to you?  

Wearing pet identification provides instant identification and easy contact information to reunite you and your fur baby.

Wearing Pet Identification Keeps Your Dog Safe

In these days when many dogs are microchipped, it is common for dog owners to think that their dogs do not need a tag anymore. Experts still recommend using personalized dog tags or personalized dog collars to make it easy to find the owners' information in case of emergency. Personalized id tags and collars that contain the owners' contact information are the best way to help lost pets come back with their families quickly. Remember that microchips can only be scanned by veterinarians or other professionals who have the appropriate equipment.  A great idea is to include the dog's microchip information too on their personalized pet id tag.

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Personalized dog collars can include the dog's name and your phone number for easy to read quick contact information.  In addition, add a personalized pet id tag to your dog's collar to include more detailed information such as multiple phone numbers, microchip information, medical information and more.  These dog collars and pet id tags not only provide function and safety, they are beautiful and fun with a huge selection of styles, colors and designs to choose from.  

During this fun-in-the-sun time of year, remember to do a check-up on your dogs' identification. Is the information current and clearly legible? If you are looking for a new dog collar, leash or harness for the season, consider a personalized option for the added benefit of your dogs' safety and easy identification if lost. 


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For travel and outings, a great idea is to keep a couple of spares on hand in case you need a quick replacement. has great Buy More + Save More promotions too on all personalized items - so shop online for your furry pals today!  We continue to offer Free Shipping On All Orders - No Minimum Order is Required!

Have Fun and wishing you and your furry pals an awesome summer ahead.

Your Pals,

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