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Do You Love The Autumn Fall Season?

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Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Its an exciting time with lots of changes all around.  I love the different smells, sights and feelings that the fall season brings.  Do you love the smells of pumpkin and other fall inspired spices?  The colors of the fall harvest vegetables, leaves falling at my feel, pumpkins, costumes and more!  Its so much for a little furry guy like me to enjoy!!  The ever-changing weather of the fall season keeps things exciting too - I never know if its going to be a warm and sunny feeling or a cool and snugly day! One of my favorite fall activities is taking lots of long walks with my hoomans.

Benefits of Walking Your Dog!

All dog owners know their beloved pups want to get outside and exercise whenever they can. But, have you ever thought about the benefits of walking your dog, both for your canine and you as the owner?

K9 Explorer Dog Collar and Leash

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Dog walking is a fantastic form of exercise sneakily thrown into our day-to-day routines. Both you and your pup end up walking one, two, even three miles sometimes while you’re taking in the fresh outdoors and beautiful scenery.

Coastal Pet Lazer Brite Reflective

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Additionally, it serves as a bonding period for you and your dog, and actually brings pet owners closer and more in-tune to their dogs needs. The more time you spend with your pup, the easier you’ll be able to identify if he/she is happy or unhappy.

Coastal Pet Reflective Safety Vest

Product Featured: Coastal Pet Reflective Safety Vest.  This useful dog vest comes in neon orange (shown), neon yellow and neon pink - look great and stay safe while walking at night! Free Shipping on all orders - no minimum order is required at doggygifts.com - and everyday low prices! Shop Online Today

Do you enjoy night time walks?

These are some of our recommended reflected products for your dog.  Here are the links to some great dog collar, dog leash and dog harness products that include reflective properties. 

Lazer Brite Reflective - dog collars and leashes. Also available with personalization.

Pro Reflective - dog collars, leashes and harnesses.  Also available with personalization.

K9 Explorer Reflective - dog collars, leashes and harnesses.

Comfort Soft Wrap Reflective Harness - in great colors that coordinate beautifully with Coastal Pet nylon products.

In our safety solutions category, we have some new products just added to our online store. Just in time for those shorter days and earlier sunset times.

Silicone Blinker Light

USB Blinker Light

USB Light Up Neck Ring

Reflective Safety Vest

Coastal Pet USB Light Up Neck RingProduct Shown: Coastal Pet USB Light Up Ring - NEW PRODUCT INFORMATION - Shop Online Now

Light-up the night with the Coastal Pet USB Light-Up Neck Ring! This neck ring provides 360-degree illumination for maximum visibility during nightly walks and activities. The water-resistant material makes this the perfect addition for every excursion. There is no need to switch collars or remove your dogs' regular collar - the plastic connectors easily snap together for easy on and off. In addition, the material can be easily cut to size for the perfect fit for comfort and safety. The on and off button makes it easy to switch from a steady light setting to an eye-catching pulse for ultimate visibility.  NOTE - this is not a dog collar.  It is a light up ring meant to use during short periods and activities to provide illumination.

Socialization, exercise, and bonding – what beats that?

Become the power dog walker you’ve always wanted to be with our huge selection of dog collars, dog leashes and dog harnesses and watch both you and your pup shed some pounds with an infectious smile. Shop online at doggygifts.com for free shipping on all orders - great selection of fine products - and everyday low prices!!