Wanna Play With Me?

Wanna Play With Me?

Hey Human…let’s play!

Hi friends, Tucker here. Rusty’s buddy who has a heart for play AND for snuggles. I’m the best of both worlds. Usually my human writes for me, but today I want to talk to you about two of my new favorite toys. Last week, a Doggy Gifts box came in the mail and I instantly knew it was for me. I can always smell when new dog toys come in the mail for me!

If you’ve never heard of Rascals Dog Toys, they are a collection of toys made by Coastal Pet Products. These toys are designed to get dogs moving and playing…including fetch! This particular set of toys are lime green and blue, which stand out in my basket of toys. They’re designed to last through all sorts of playtime, and they make it easy for your human to join in on the fun!  Rascals Fetch Toys

The first one on my list to play with was the Rascals Fetch Dog Toy with Rope. It basically looks like a triangle with three ropes coming out of the sides – talk about three times the fun! This made it particularly easy for me and my human to play tug o’ war, and it also makes it super easy for me to hold onto as I run back when my human throws it! The rope is pretty thick and also feels great to chew on. I am a CHEWER, let me tell you. Overall, I really liked playing with this one! Thanks, Doggy Gifts!

The second one was even more fun, in my opinion…because it was shaped like a Rascals Fetch Dog Toy Duck! I loved chewing on the pieces and most of all I loved that it has a squeaker. I love to walk around squeaking. I especially love playing with it while my humans are watching their favorite TV show…I think my humans love it too! This duck toy was great. It has a durable material that let me chew and play with it and the shape made it super easy to hold in my mouth. I like when my toys look like animal friends, it makes playtime even more fun! My human wanted me to tell you that she enjoyed the hole in this toy, as it made it easy for us to play tug o’ war and for her to throw it for me to go get.

I loved my new rascals fetch toys! They’re just the right mix of durability and fun. Next week, I’m going to tell you about three more I have…stay tuned!!

Rascals Fetch Dog Toys

Until next time,


10th Aug 2018 Tucker, One of Rusty's Pals

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