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ARE YOU A FAN OF CUTE DOG PICS AND PRODUCT DEALS?!Follow Us On Social Media! Looking for cute, lively, and interesting social media posts related to the world’s favorite critter: dogs? ♥ Our social media profiles should be your bookmarked platforms. We update our accounts regularly with informational, engaging, and fun social media posts that bring YOU, [...]

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Looking Sharp - A Well Groomed Pup

Who doesn’t like a clean, happy pup? Just like dog owners, dogs like to be clean, too.The Benefits Of Keeping Your Dog Well GroomedUnfortunately, many owners don’t take the time to invest in the neatness and cleanliness of their dogs, and oftentimes jeopardize their dog's health in the process. They’re afraid it’s too costly and [...]

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Doggygifts.com Launches Newly Enhanced Online Store

Doggygifts.com Launches Newly Enhanced Online Store For All Canine Enthusiasts Man’s best friend deserves the very best, right? We’re here to make your special bond with your furry sidekick as memorable and quality as possible. That’s why we’ve revamped, restructured, and enhanced our online store for seamless shopping and even easier search capabilities. We’re bringing you more [...]

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​Benefits of walking your dog

Benefits of walking your dogAll dog owners know their beloved pups want to get outside and exercise whenever they can. But, have you ever thought about the benefits of walking your dog, both for your canine and you as the owner?Dog walking is a fantastic form of exercise sneakily thrown into our day-to-day routines. Both [...]

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How To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

How To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday Rusty’s birthday is coming up, and he’s been dropping hints about how he wants to celebrate. From the food, to the gifts, to the invitees, Rusty’s looking forward to the doggy birthday bash of the year. He also wants you to know how you can make your dog’s next birthday [...]

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Hello From Doggy Gifts LLC

Hello dog lovers across the USA, this is Andrea and Daniel from doggygifts.com and together with our special mascot – the very cute Rusty – (who we cajoled into sitting for our logo with some of our tasty treats) we welcome you and your pooches to our newly designed website. This is our inaugural ‘dog’ [...]

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