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Sometimes I just love fetching, catching, tugging, pulling and chewing in and around the water - so these ProFit Dog Toys are exactly what I love! Rusty, the  doggygifts.com mascot here to share some of Rusty's Favorite Things with you. I love playing for hours on end with our Pro Fit Foam Toys whether alone or with my hooman friends. There are lots to choose from in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles and they even float too. Even when I'm playing on dry land, these Pro Fit Dog Toys are sure to come along in my toy bag. They clean up so nicely too that my humans love them at the park, in the yard and on the trail too. 


These Toys Float | Pro Fit™ Dog Toy

Keep the fun going with Pro Fit™ dog toys by Coastal Pet Products. Featuring durable, self-healing foam provides hours of fun tugging, chasing, fetching and more! Made from lightweight materials they are great for on-the-go fun! Pro Fit™ toys float for added water play fun and their bright colors are fun and make them easy to see. Join the fun and get your furry pal their Pro Fit™ toys today!


Hang Ten ... Splish Splash ... Surfs Up ... Catch A Wave ... Beach Life - or however you say it, if you love playing in the water as much as me, Rusty the doggygifts.com mascot, then I have a fantastic recommendation for you! The Coastal Pet Pro waterproof collection comes in gorgeous bright colors, are waterproof, odor resistant, easy to clean and feel great on too. They are perfect for outside lifestyle + active + adventurous dogs like me since they allow me to swim without absorbing moisture, dirt or bacteria! Are you a waterdog like me? Check out the amazing Coastal Pet Pro waterproof standard dog collar, pro waterproof adjustable dog collar, pro waterproof dog leash and pro waterproof adjustable dog harness and your water dog will love them too! My favorite color? Its hard to pick just one - but mine says RUSTY and your dog can have a personalized one too! Shop today for your Coastal Pro Waterproof adjustable dog collar, Coastal pro waterproof standard dog collar, Coastal Pet pro waterproof dog leash and Coastal Pet pro waterproof dog harness. The Pro Waterproof Standard Dog Collar also comes with personalization! Your water dog will love them too!

Great For Water Days | Pro™ Waterproof Collars

If you and your dog love playing in the water the Coastal Pet Pro waterproof collection is your summer time go to dog collar. They’re waterproof, odor resistant, easy to clean and feel great on. They are perfect for outside lifestyle + active + adventurous dog. Bright bold colors - Its hard to pick just one - you get get your collar personalized too! You’ll love these collars, leashes + harnesses… and your water dog will love them too!


Great New Toys - Super Soft, Super Comfy, Super Fun!

New Year, New ToysWow! It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of 2018. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. As a dog, we know exactly when the day is almost over. Tucker here, Rusty’s bud. I know I personally know when it’s 5:00pm at my house and my dad is about to [...]

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Do You Love The Autumn Fall Season?

Hi There.... Rusty Here. The doggygifts.com Fun-Loving Mascot. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Its an exciting time with lots of changes all around.  I love the different smells, sights and feelings that the fall season brings.  Do you love the smells of pumpkin and other fall inspired spices?  The colors [...]

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Great Product For Sunny Water Play Days and Cloudy Rainy Days

Hello, humans and furry friends! Tucker here, Rusty’s pal! I wanted to share with you some of my new favorite products. This summer has brought more rainy days than I’d like…BUT, as any good dog knows, you’ve got to make it work. Or, should I say, your human knows!  In the rain, I’ve been extremely thankful [...]

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Wanna Play With Me?

Hey Human…let’s play!Hi friends, Tucker here. Rusty’s buddy who has a heart for play AND for snuggles. I’m the best of both worlds. Usually my human writes for me, but today I want to talk to you about two of my new favorite toys. Last week, a Doggy Gifts box came in the mail and [...]

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Food Glorious Food! Gotta Love It!

Its all about food!Hi, friends! Rusty here.Today’s post is all about FOOD – toy food, that is! PetLou has a great collection of food dog toys that look real, and are real fun. We had a blast playing with them…Summer is a great time to be a dog (and a great time to be a [...]

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Its Summmmmmmmer!

Hi, Humans!Rusty Here.Rusty here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s summmmmer! With summer come some of my favorite things. I’ve talked to some of my fur-friends and we all agree swimming is extra fun when you’re a dog. Tell me what helps you keep cool more than us jumping in [...]

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HI Humans From Rusty The doggygifts.com Mascot

Hi, humans! Rusty here. If you could see me in person right now, you’d see that my tail is wagging like crazy because I’m so excited to see you! This summer, there’s so much I’m excited about that I want to share with you. I’ve been sharing photos of all of my fur-friends pretty often on our [...]

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Summertime Is Here

What Are Your Fun In The Sun Favorites?Warm Days? Cool Nights? Beach Time Fun? Picnics? BBQ Get Togethers? Long Walks? Dog Beach? Dog Park? Backyard?Share these great times with your furry pals - they love to join you whether at home or on-the-go! Its a great time to do a pet id check-up.  No one [...]

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