Bergan® Auto Harness

  • Mylo and Cailin going for a car ride with Bergan Auto Harness
  • Mylo in car with Bergan auto harness and Coastal Pet rope leash
  • Bergan® Auto Harness (88200) size small dog
  • Bergan® Auto Harness (88200) size medium dog
  • Bergan® Auto Harness (88200) size large dog
  • Bergan® Auto Harness (88200) size extra large dog
  • Bergan® Auto Harness (88200)
  • Mylo Began Auto Harness Coastal Pet Rope Leash
  • Mylo wearing Bergan Auto Harness and Coastal Pet Rope Leash
  • Helpful Sizing Information Bergan Auto Harness


Keep Them Safe With A Car Harness!

Take Your Pet On Your Next Journey With A Bergan® By Coastal Pet Auto Harness!

Bergan® by Coastal Auto Harness features:
minimizes driving distractions
continuous loop webbing to disperse pressure
padded chest plate
front connect d-ring for walking
perfect for quick trips to the park and long vacations
step in style harness
easy to switch from car to trail
easy to use
doubles as a walking harness

  • Securing your dog in the car is easy as 1-2-3!
  • Have your dog step into the harness - outside of the vehicle.  
  • Let your pup in the car, and then put the seatbelt through the two loops on the back of the harness to secure your dog.   

See the video below to watch easy to follow how-to instructions and crash safety tests.

Pattern/Color: TAB Heather Gray

Size Options:
Small SML  for dogs 10-25 lbs in approximate weight - approximate girth 16-24"
Medium MED for dogs 25-50 lbs in approximate weight - approximate girth 20-30"
Large LRG for dogs 50-75 lbs in approximate weight - approximate girth 26-38"
Extra Large XLG for dogs 80-105 lbs in approximate weight - approximate girth 27-43"


  • Buckle up and let's go for a ride.... with the Bergan® Auto Harness!  Be safe, comfortable and have fun while traveling with your dog. This harness keeps your pup secure in the car and transitions easily to a walking harness - simply attach your leash to the D ring!!
  • The Bergan Auto harness is designed to make car rides fun and safe while offering the convenience that it goes from car to a walking harness quickly and easily.
  • Your dog will be safe, secure and comfy too with the plush padded chest pad and soft nylon straps.


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