Behavior Coach™

Behavior Coach™

Behavior Coach™


Even "good dogs" sometimes get distracted, curious or a little mischievous. If your dog sometimes needs a little positive push away from this unfavorable behavior, the Behavior Coach™ from Coastal Pet Products is a great product for you.  When your dog starts looking through the trash, trying to steal food from the table or kitchen counter, or jumps on people at your home, a quick simple blast of air from the Behavior Coach™ provides a distraction to your dog to stop the negative behavior and you can emphasize the positive. The quick burst of air mimics the natural hissing sound made by prey to scare off predators in the wild - a simple tool that is effective to teach your pup good house manners and reinforce their positive behavior with rewarding praise and attention. 

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  • Behavior Coach

    Coastal Pet Behavior Coach™

    Coastal Pet

    Good Manners? Help Your Dog Learn With Behavior Coach™ Coastal Pet Behavior Coach™ is like a burst of fresh air - literally Quickly and humanely interrupt the unwanted behaviors with Behavior Coach™. This training tool emits a sudden...
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