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"We’re comfortable being dog lover’s behind closed doors but sometimes people want to know who we are."

Ridiculously Fun Moments. Our Gift To You.

We like creating unforgettable moments between you and your furry friend. Created by Andrea and Daniel Pelz, along side their devoted team and accompanied by their most faithful mascot, the lovable ‘hound dog’ Rusty, has been ‘Fetching Gifts for Your Furry Friends’™ since 2003. Built from a foundation of strong family values, a large fur family and the love of animals, exists to create meaningful experiences between you and your best friend. 

At The Core Of Our Business Are Dog Lovers.

We are passionate about helping you build special moments. Like those when your furry friend’s head perks up and over to one side, eyes light up with excitement in its purest form awaiting the grand reveal of a new surprise. 

In addition to amazingly fun, innovative products, we passionately believe in creating experiences, gift giving, spreading the love for our furry friends, + a fostering a spirit of adventure. (We are also 100% positive that the world would be a better place if everyone spent a few extra moments with "man’s best friend".)

You Matter To Us

So we raise a paw to paying attention to every detail for you and your fur child (Scout’s…rather, Rusty’s Honor). With paws wide open,we welcome you to the Community. 



Thank you for visiting for great products for your special loving furry friends!  We know that pets are family. Rest assured that all of our team members share this same passion as you for our pets. You can expect a warm, caring experience in every interaction.

I’m confident that you’ll have a truly great experience with If you have any comments, questions or concerns along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are dedicated to our customers and our furry friends.

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Daniel Pelz
President and CEO
Doggy Gifts LLC