Does your dog love adventures in and around the water? Is a puddle an invitation for your pup to play? Water&Woods™ waterproof collars are great for your medium and large size dogs - for playtime or work time - these collars resist oil, sweat and odors and feature a waterproof material. The center O ring turns over if caught (like on a branch) - allowing your dog to slip free. Water and Woods™ waterproof hound collar with center ring comes in solid orange and nature pattern Shadow Grass Blades. Have fun with these outdoor inspired Water & Woods™ waterproof hound collars.

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  • Water&Woods™ Waterproof Hound Center Ring Dog Collar Safety Orange

    Water & Woods ™ Waterproof Hound Center Ring Dog Collar


    Water&Woods™ | Celebrating The Love Of The Great Outdoors Water&Woods™ Waterproof Hound Style Center Ring Dog Collar for safety in and around the water. Product Features: center ring safety collar turns over allows dog to slip...
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